Paleo Almond Macaroons

Happy Friday! Man this week flew by! I can’t believe it. Today I have another paleo cookie recipe to share! This one is super easy though, and really delicious! These Almond Macaroon cookies are gingery and perfect for Fall (it’s still Fall even though everything is covered in white fluffy stuff here!).

I couldn’t believe how flavorful these cookies were even though they don’t have any flour, butter, or refined sugar in them. It’s so surprising. Even my parents liked them! Bonus: they only have a couple of ingredients that you probably already have in your house…which is the main reason I even tried this recipe. It was freezing, I was craving cookies, and I didn’t want to have to go to the store, boom Almond Macaroons.

Healthy almond macaroons

This recipe was slightly modified from a recipe in the book: Natural Sugar Desserts.

Good thing I had my cake baking friend in the kitchen while I made these so that she could whip the egg whites..I’m not so good at that!

Paleo Almond Macaroons

Prep Time: 8 minutes

Cook Time: 14 minutes

22 minutes

18 cookies

Serving Size: 1 Tablespoon

Paleo Almond Macaroons


  • 2 cups ground roasted almonds
  • 4 egg whites
  • 4 Tbsp honey
  • 1/2 teaspoon ginger
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/4 teaspoon almond extract(optional)
  • 1/4 cup dark cocoa nibs (optional)

How it's Done:

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a bowl add ground almonds, honey, ginger, and extracts. In a separate large bowl beat egg whites with a whisk or with metal beaters until stiff peaks form. Slowly fold a quarter of the egg whites into the almond mixture. Add this back to the rest of the egg whites. Carefully combine. Place on lined baking sheet. Bake for 12-14 minutes.

You can roast the almonds yourself or buy unsalted roasted almonds, but to be honest I only had lightly salted almonds and this recipe turned out fine using those. I’d like to use unsalted next time and maybe add just a dash of salt…but maybe that’s the exact same thing.

You might be able to substitute actual almond flour for the ground almonds, but I kind of liked the chunkier texture the ground almonds gave the cookies.

healthy almond cookies

I drizzled them with melted dark chocolate cocoa nibs, but they tasted great without the added chocolate. You might have to add a bit of coconut oil to get a smooth chocolate-y consistency before drizzling :)

Here are some other paleo/healthy cookie options.

Paleo Coconut Cookies
Coconut Bars
Chocolate Chip Cookies

Also, in case you were wondering, because I had no idea there was even a difference…macaroon vs macaron

I just thought I was spelling macaron wrong. Thanks Lovely Little Details!

Yum. These almond macarOOns perfect with coffee or hot apple cider! As the weather keeps turning colder I’m trying to hold onto Fall a bit longer. What’s your favorite part of this season?

I can’t post everyday (and I don’t want to).

I mentioned my November goals at the beginning of this month, while I haven’t been completely successful at posting every day in November or putting up a picture, I have been doing much better than usual. AND I realized something…I have too much of a life to be sitting on my computer and posting every single day. and that’s alright.

I don’t know why I think that it is possible for me to post every day of the month, I know it’s only a month and if I really, really, really wanted to get something posted every day I could. I also know that the quality of the content of my blog would suffer. I mean I totally could just throw a picture up and write a sentence and be done for the day, but that is so boooring. Usually the posts I write take at least an hour, and that’s not even counting all of the photo taking and cooking/baking.

Of course, I could plan ahead and schedule posts to publish at different times when I’m away from the computer…but again, you can only do that so much. I’m not going to sit and write on the computer for 8 hours just so I can schedule my posts to publish throughout the weekend. That, to me, just seems kinda weird, I would be writing for the future. One day would be alright I suppose, and I do actually schedule posts one day in advance quite often.

Anyway, I’m not making excuses, because I know I could have made a month of posting work out if I HAD to. I guess I’m just saying that I realized that type of schedule doesn’t work for me. It might be perfect for you, and the motivation and inspiration you need to get your blog where you want it to be. I just can’t do it. I usually post 3-5 times a week and rarely on weekends. This ensures that my content is useful, informational, and enjoyable to read (at least I hope it is!). I don’t want to spend too much time in front of the computer when I have an abundance of other things going on…like a job, planning a wedding, starting a business, and most importantly spending time with people in REAL LIFE!

It sounds like I’m complaining or justifying, but really I’m not, I’m just sharing my realizations with you guys. Everyone and every blog is different and I think NaBloPoMo is a fantastic program to get the creative juices flowing, I mean look at all it has taught me!!

In theme with all of these realizations I’m having I’m writing another list of goals for the second half of November (how is it already half over?!).

The Nectar Collective

Melyssa at The Nectar Collective hosts a weekly wishes link up that I have read for a while and finally decided to join. Her blog is awesome and has so many fun things to read and look at. Love the cheerful colors all over too!

So for this week…

Spend more time connecting to people in real life- these days everything is electronic and even when people are hanging out face to face everyone is always on their phone. It’s sad. This weekend my fiance and I are hosting friendsgiving and I’m thinking of putting a bowl for everyone to throw their phones in before they can sit down for dinner. Let’s chat people!!I'm thankful for- thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Last Year- What everyone was thankful for!

Try not to hate winter…as much.- everyone that knows me also knows that I absolutely despise winter. I always thought I would be escaping this freezing dreary holiday in upstate New York, but here I am about to endure another snowy winter. Haha, so dramatic. So I’m going to try not to hate it as much. That probably means I will be wearing long johns under my work clothes, and maybe a winter hat indoors. I just hate being cold all the damn time. I’m sure I’ll hate it just as much, but maybe I won’t complain as much. Two hours west of here just got 5 feet of snow in 30 hours, so I should be very thankful right now!

Maybe I’ll buy an endless supply of those heat warmer packets to put in all of my boots and mittens…

Think of your goals for the week and join the link up!

Woo wee that’s a lot of words… I should go add a picture a the top for people who just like to look at pretty things…

If you live somewhere cold, what’s your strategy for “enjoying” this winter? If you live somewhere warm…can I come visit? Haha Happy Wednesday!

Whiskey Bar and A Workout

I woke up to a winter wonderland…I am NOT ready for that. Jeepers, it seems like winter is coming quite early this year, or more like I’m just trying to ignore it exists. I thought it was just snowing in Vermont not at home too.

Speaking of Vermont, I need to share this. If you are ever near Stowe, VT you have to eat at Prohibition Pig. I don’t even really eat meat and this place was still fantastic. Their food, drinks, and desserts were just delicious. They source their ingredients from local farms and actually thank the specific farmers right on their menu. Everything is made in house and they try to use mostly fresh, ingredients that are in season. Ahh-mazing.

…but the best part…The whiskey bar. Whiskey Bar with Ladder

There is a beauty-and-the-beast-library-style-ladder on wheels to reach all of the hundreds of varieties of whiskey. Awesome.

There is no reason to wait for the New Year to get to the gym. It is actually my least favorite time to work out because the gym becomes flooded with people. It is great that they are motivated at the start of the New Year, but usually they don’t stick with it. So, it’s best to start before the huge rush!

This is a great cardio, arm, and leg workout. You can do it anywhere! You just need a place to run. It’s really easy to do at a gym without looking too strange and it doesn’t take up much room.

Jog at 5-7 speed for 4 minutes
Sprint at 8-9 speed for 1 minute

10 push ups
15 squats

Complete this circuit four times.

Run, Push, Squat Workout

I like this workout- I didn’t get bored with it.

Have a great Tuesday!

Healthy Egg Salad Recipe

Happy Saturday! Woop! I’m off learning all about cider again, but wanted to quickly pop in and give you all a really simple recipe you can whip up quickly for lunch, dinner, or really anytime!

Healthy Egg Salad Recipe

We made this before we headed out for our road trip. It’s not the least messy, or least smelly road trip food, but it held us over for the drive and we didn’t have to stop anywhere to get gross fast food or gas station snacks. This recipe was adapted from Eating Well Cobb Egg Salad.

Alright, here it is!

Healthy Egg Salad Recipe

Healthy Egg Salad Recipe


  • 3 tablespoons nonfat plain yogurt
  • 3 tablespoons low-fat mayonnaise
  • 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground pepper
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt
  • 1 Tbsp dijon mustard (optional)
  • 8 hard-boiled eggs
  • 1 ripe avocado, cubed
  • 3 stalks celery

How it's Done:

  1. To hard-boil eggs, place eggs in a single layer in a saucepan; cover with water and add a dash of baking soda. Bring to a simmer over medium-high heat. Reduce heat to low and cook at the barest simmer for 10 minutes. Remove from heat, pour out hot water and cover the eggs with ice-cold water. Let stand until cool enough to handle before peeling.
  2. Combine yogurt, mayonnaise, garlic powder, mustard, pepper and salt in a medium bowl. Peel the eggs and coarsely chop. Add to the bowl and mash to desired consistency. Gently stir in avocado and celery. Cover and refrigerate for up to 2 days.

I like to eat this egg salad with vegetables like sweet peppers or celery.

Celery Egg Salad

It is also good on a roll like an open-faced sandwich. Here are some other great Road Trip Snack ideas that are a bit easier to transport.

It seems like my best friend and I have been on so many road trips these past few months. It’s pretty awesome. I’ve been to 16 different states in the last few months. I still need to write about our cross-country trip drive back from Montana! I’m almost ready just to be home though!

Have a great weekend! What do you like to bring on road trips? Where was the last place you visited?

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