The Windmill- How To Get Rid Of Love Handles!

I’m starting an overall health re-haul. I was doing great at making healthy choices at the beginning of the year and they have slowly lessened with the passing months…especially my motivation to workout. I know it’s not a real excuse, but the freezing weather and icy roads have just made me want to get home from work and stay home, not venture back out to the gym. Yikes!

So, with March starting and the weather (hopefully) warming up soon, I need to get my butt in gear! I’m planning on making a few small goals for the rest of the year that I can keep up with. I might even compile them into a small challenge for other people to follow if they’re up to it- my sister gave me this idea!!

My 3 Healthy Goals!

– Eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables every day- I have gotten stuck in the rut of bringing cheese and crackers and protein bars to work everyday. I definitely need to start cutting up more vegetables and bringing along more fruit!

– Get moving! My new goal is to workout or take 10,000 steps every day! I have dusted off my fitbit and actually charged it up so that I can keep track!

– Drink more water. I have been getting better at this, but I could still use some work. I want to start bringing naturally flavored waters, with fruits and herbs along with me during the day. I also want to drink more tea at night.

This workout is another throw back! It was one that I did in the basement last night to get back into the groove of working out. I’m planning on finding the gym at work today then heading to the store to stock up on fruits and veggies! Yay!

This workout really uses those side obliques, let me tell ya, they are going to be aching tomorrow. Windmills are one of my favorite exercises, they’re really tough.

How to do the windmill exercise
You can use whatever weights you are comfortable with, or no weights at all! Just make sure the heavier of the two is in the hand closer to the ground. Maybe start with 5 and 10 pound weights until you get the hang of the movement.

I used a 35 pound kettle bell and 20 pound dumbbell. Make sure you are looking up at the hand that is in the air the entire time. Here’s the workout! …bust those love handles before we have to get into a bikini!

Love Handle Eliminator

I hope you’re having a stellar Tuesday! What is your favorite ab exercise?

Starting A Garden Indoors

I swear, the shiny, colorful images of luscious fruits and vegetables that adorn the front of seed catalogues come when the weather has become hopelessly gloomy and freezing. Whoever decides the exact week to send these glossy booklets in the mail to unsuspecting gardeners deserves a bonus.  The dreariest winter week must cause sales of seeds to quadruple. I know mine did.

I know, I know, everyone is sick of Winter. I’ve never actually missed green things, but this year I can’t stop thinking about flowers, berries, herbs and vegetables and running barefoot through the grass… Oh dear, I am becoming quite the story-teller. ANYWAY, thank goodness I started planting some different herbs this week or I might have gone crazy staring at the painfully white landscape all day.

Too Cold

I thought I might share a quick tutorial for starting plants indoors. This way of planting is helpful for people who want to get a head start on their garden or people who want to save some money- a bag of seeds is much cheaper to buy and will supply you with many more plants than purchasing baby plants mid-spring. It might also be useful if you’re looking to start a window sill/flower bed/outdoor herb garden, or just want to look at something green in a landscape of white. Also for people who see all of those seed packets in the store this time of year and buy them but then aren’t too sure what to do with them (because this used to be me).

How to Start A Garden Indoors

What you’ll need:

  • Seed trays
  • Seeds
  • Tray
  • Top-soil
  • Pencil
  • Fluorescent lights on adjustable frame/chains
  • Heating mat- optional depending on type of seeds you’re planting

Yesterday (I know-how delayed) my mother-in-law taught me her tips and tricks for starting my garden plants indoors. Thank you! Her seed packets looked like little invitations or something, so freakin cute!

Seed Packets

First you have to get yourself some soil. You can find that at Lowes or prolly Home Depot or something. Purchase quality top-soil. You can keep it in the bag or a big bucket. She keeps a big tub of it under the table for easy scooping.

Planting Indoors

Fill your plant trays with the top soil and gently pack it down. Using a pencil, create a shallow dip in the soil down the entire length of the seed tray.

Pencil Ditch

Lightly sprinkle your seeds of choice into the small ditches you have created in the soil. Make sure you try to avoid large clusters of seeds. It’s crazy to me that these itty bitty tiny seeds turn into big plants and eventually into veggies and things we can eat! Haha

Planting Indoors

Make sure you label your plants so you don’t forget which seedlings are in each of the rows.

Planting Indoors

Lightly crumble on the top soil and press it down slightly. Now this is the real trick! Instead of watering from the top, water from the bottom. Fill a tray with an inch or so of water and submerge your tray with newly planted seeds into the water. Let the water soak up into the soil until you can just barely see damp topsoil.

Watering Plant Trays

Then just place the plants under the lights. The lamps should be a few inches from the soil, but not too far away. You can also place a lid over the top of the seeds so that the humidity stays high. Water every few days and wait for the little plants to pop up!


When the seeds start growing through the row you are going to replant them into larger pots to spread them out. Or you can thin the rows and keep them in the seed trays for a big longer. These basil plants are almost ready to be transplanted (look for the middle leaf to start forming). Some seed catalogs have a cut off for Spring planting orders of March 14th so you still have time!

Indoor Plants

:-o Green plants do still exist!! Thank you Marianne for the fantastic seed-starting lesson on gardening!

Are you planting a garden this year? Do you start from seed or buy baby plants?

Winter Blues

I’m not one for all of this winter stuff. It has been relentless and one of the coldest winters I can remember. I’m trying not to complain too much and I have been finding ways to keep warm by wearing two pairs of pants at all times! The Nike hyperwarm leggings underneath my jeans- to work. Haha. The sun is shining today and rumor has it that we might reach temperatures above freezing this weekend! Woo- it will feel like shorts weather!

Anyway, to kind of ward off my winter blues I’m starting my garden planting now. I just need to see green, and plants, and new life! Ahh Spring seems so far off. I miss my garden. Haha I sound like an old lady.Starting a Garden Indoors

I’m heading to my mother-in-laws to get a head start on planting some herbs and vegetables on a heating mat under the lamps so that when the snow finally starts to melt we can get them into her green house!

I’ll update with some pictures and planting adventures from later today! Have an awesome Friday!!

Wedding Wednesday

Hi there! Happy Wednesday!

Ever since I was a little girl I have always said that I wanted to get married on the beach. My parents would joke with me and ask, “What if your future husband doesn’t want to get married on the beach?” And I said, well then, he wont be the one for me! Luckily, my amazing fiance understands my obsession with the ocean, (he even proposed on the beach!).


I just pictured sitting on the beach, drink in hand, toes in the sand, soakin up the sun. Now that the time has come to plan our beach wedding I have found it takes A LOT more planning than I thought.

So I’m switching things up a little bit and adding a new weekly addition to YakkaFit. I’m going to start Wedding Wednesday, where I write about our wedding planning process and things I have found out while planning a destination wedding 3,000 miles away.

As Adam and I are planning our wedding I have found there are very few resources for having a destination wedding not at an all-inclusive hotel. And many of the resources I have found are sponsored by so many huge tourist companies that I don’t know if I’m actually getting reliable information or not.

We’re adventurous people and like staying off the beaten path, for the most part. Whenever we travel we like to talk to the local people and ask what their favorite spots to go to are- not just the super touristy places. How else would we have found the hidden waterfalls down the creepy dirt road in Costa Rica!?

Also, being fairly environmentally conscious people I just can’t picture us having our wedding at an all-inclusive resort on a pristine beach- it just seems like an oxymoron to me…And don’t even get me started on cruise ships.

So over the next few months I will be sharing our planning experiences, timeline, and tips for planning a destination wedding. Then after the wedding is over I hope I will have even more tips and notes of advice to share!  I don’t have any of these things figured out now- so I’m sure it will be hilarious to watch me struggle through, haha!

Here are some topics I hope to cover, but again, we’re at the very beginning stages. I mean, it took us almost an entire year to figure out what country we wanted to get married in…yeah…So I’m sure I will find many more things to add to this list!

I hope to update it as time goes on!

  • All inclusive vs. Unique Wedding Venue
  • Choosing a destination wedding location
  • Making Invitations, Save the Dates, Decorations
  • Logistics of a destination wedding- group flights, discounts, getting to and from the airport
  • Wedding DIYs- Don’t forget you have to bring it on the plane!
  • Researching wedding location
  • Creating a wedding timeline
  • Planning local events before and after the wedding
  • Cost of a destination wedding

If anyone else has had or is planning a destination wedding I would love to hear from you! Or if you have anything you’re wondering about that you’d like me to chat about on here Send me an e-mail

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